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MaxiGet Download Manager is a simple and handy tool to help you download files
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MaxiGet Download Manager is a simple, neat and handy tool that lets you manage and organize your downloads as well as increase their transfer speeds. It uses the same, typical way of accelerating downloads that other similar tools also use: it splits the files that are about to be downloaded into smaller pieces and downloads these chunks simultaneously yet separately, using different connections for each one. Though it's not a really one of a kind method of improving download speeds, it's definitely a reliable, already-proven one.

MaxiGet Download Manager integrates with most popular browsers: Google Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer, and lets you download files right from these browsers with increased speed.

This handy tool also lets you resume broken downloads from the point they were interrupted, or willingly pause them so that you can resume them at later times. This feature is especially handy since MaxiGet Download Manager doesn't come with any other download scheduling capabilities.

MaxiGet Download Manager is also easy-to-use, as it comes with a very simple, neat and intuitive interface that anyone can use. Furthermore, it lets you organize and categorize the downloads by their file type (videos, documents, etc.)

To sum it all up, MaxiGet Download Manager is a handy tool though compared to other similar download management apps it seems rather scarce in features. Simplicity and reliability are its main advantages, and the fact that it's also free makes it even more appealing.

Margie Smeer
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  • Free
  • Very small, neat and lightweight
  • Easy-to-use
  • Lets you categorize and organize the downloads


  • Doesn't support scheduling downloads
  • The interface cannot be customized
  • Lacks advanced features and settings
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